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Jerk Central's authentic Jamaican Jerk Marinade and Jamaican Jerk Dry Rubs are perfect for creating the best Jerk Chicken, Jerk Pork, Seafood and vegetables.

About Us

Jerk Central's Jamaican Jerk Marinade and Jerk Dry Rub are the most authentic Jamaican Jerk experience in a bottle! 

Many years ago, we took what began as frustration with finding "true" jerk seasonings in the U.S. and channeled it into a hobby of creating Jamaican jerk seasonings at home.  We would make big batches of jerk seasonings, bottle up what we needed and then give away what was leftover to family and friends for free with only one caveat.., "If you like it, tell people who made it!" Note -Jamaicans are a prideful bunch!

And then one day, a friend asked us to make a Jamaican themed holiday basket for a family member. We delivered and he loved it. And it was out of that overwhelming satisfaction (and being paid for once!) that Jerk Central was born.  Like I said we're a prideful bunch!

And it is with pride that we present Jerk Central to you.  

Unlike other brands we don't substitute or omit certain traditional ingredients in order to fatten our bottom line.  We use traditional ingredients because there is an established history in their application.  We are committed to outstanding flavor and authenticity. We don't cut corners.  For that reason we use many different spices (and a lot of them).  Our products are all natural, without additives or preservatives. We use an intriguing blend of different Jamaican peppers, not habaneros,  and we use them in such a way so that heat isn't the first thing to hit your tongue.  After all, true Jamaican Jerk is a flavorful journey, not a scorching one-stop destination.

So with care and love we bundled our family ties to the Jamaican Parishes of St. Ann, Kingston, St. Elizabeth, St. Mary, Clarendon, and Portland and created a product to transport your palate to the premiere destination for all of your grilling, smoking and home cooking needs:

Welcome to "Jerk Central!" 

Our Marinades and Dry Rubs are made with choice ingredients and Jamaican culture.  And we produce in small batches to ensure that the freshest product is delivered to your door.  

All these years later we still are known to give away samples for folks to try. And yes, the caveat is the same.  "If you like it.., tell people about us."   Tradition is tradition and pride is pride.

With Jerk Central, "One bite.., and yuh haffi nyam!" ("You have to eat!)


            Jerk Central

                       "Be A JERK! And Rub It In!!!"