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Jerk Central's authentic Jamaican Jerk Marinade and Jamaican Jerk Dry Rubs are perfect for creating the best Jerk Chicken, Jerk Pork, Seafood and vegetables.

Recipe: Jerk Central's "Tallawah" Jerk Porterhouse!!!

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Recipe: Jerk Central's "Tallawah" Jerk Porterhouse!!!

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In Jamaica there is a long time expression: "We likkle, but we tallawah." Tallawah is West African in origin and translates in English to "strong" or "mighty."   So the Jamaican expression is "We're small, but we're mighty!",  and who could really argue with that?

For an island that stands just over 4000 square miles (slightly smaller than the state of Connecticut), and a population of just under 3 million (most living in or around Kingston), Jamaica's imprint on the world is permanent.  From its various forms of music, to its famous literary minds. Whether it's the island's dominance in track and field, slick patios or laid back swagger, the long arms of Jamaican culture have embraced the world. And one of Jamaica's biggest hugs comes from it's food. 

Ackee and saltfish? Oxtails?  Escovitch fish or curry goat? Yes, please! And almost always on "Big Sunday."   All are guaranteed to please with their unmistakeable comfort and tantalizing flavors. Today Jerk Central brings you an addition to those traditional dishes that is not only guaranteed to please, but to have you singing, "Satisfy My Soul."

Jerk Central's "Tallawah Jerk Porterhouse!!!" 

If you couldn't tell from the gratuitous use of punctuation, I am VERY excited to share this recipe. I am almost always a "Ribeye Man", but for this recipe I decided to use a porterhouse.  It is a classic cut (combining the NY Strip and the filet) and the finished product presents so well.  It makes a statement! And at two inches thick it is not only perfect for two, it also guarantees leftovers for the next day. Steak & Eggs anyone?!

First, set your grill to high heat and close the lid. If you are doing this indoors, skip this step and see the instructions below.

Next, grab a bottle of your favorite canola oil. Any other oil with a high smoke point (like grapeseed oil) will do as well. Oils with low smoke points (like olive oil) are great for sauteing, but they break down from intense heat and can impart burnt flavors to the meat. So you want to avoid those. 

You want to use about 1 tablespoon on the top and bottom of your steak and about another tablespoon around the sides.  You want the steak to be well coated but not dripping wet.  The purpose of the oil is twofold.  It not only will allow the Jerk Dry Rub to adhere nicely to meat, but it will also help the spices to be drawn into the surface.


At 2 inches thick this Portehouse truly is "Tallawah!"

Apply a very liberal coating of Jerk Central's Jamaican dry rub to the surface of the steak.  The thickness of the steak begs for a heavy hand. Some surface seasoning will rub off on the steps below, so you want to start with a good base of seasonings and then reinforce them later. Apply about 1.5 tablespoons of the Jamaican Jerk Rub to the top and bottom of your steak and repeat on the sides. 

Don't be afraid to be heavy-handed. The Tallwah steak can handle it.

Don't be afraid to be heavy-handed. The Tallwah steak can handle it.

Now for the fun part! Take your steak to your grill and place it on the grates. Don't touch the steak for about 3 minutes.  Flip and grill another 3 minutes on the opposite side.  You are trying to create a surface similar to the one pictured below. 

If  you are cooking indoors now is the time to get your favorite cast iron pan, set your burner to high and add about two Tablespoons of canola oil to the pan. Turn your fan exhaust on high.  When the oil starts to shimmer and just begins to smoke add the steak. Cook approximately 2 minutes on each side.

Once you have achieved charred goodness remove your steak from heat and place the meat on a cutting board.

You want to put a nice "char" on the outside of the steak!

You want to put a nice "char" on the outside of the steak!

Set your oven to broil. 

Next, cut the porterhouse down the middle on either side of the bone.  

Then, cut the filet and strip sides in 1.5 - 2 inch strips. The meat will still be raw on the inside.  It's ok if the meat still is connected at the very edge, closest to the bone, or, you can choose to completely separate each section.

Place the meat in a cast iron pan, retaining the original shape of the Porterhouse. 

The porterhouse presentation can't be beat!

The porterhouse presentation can't be beat!

Next, brush about 1 - 1 .5 tablespoons of Jerk Central's Jerk Marinade on the top of the porterhouse.

Place approximately 2 pats of butter on the filet side and 3 pats of butter on the strip side of the porterhouse.  It may look like a lot of butter.., and it is, but this is a "Sometime Food" so splurge and thank me later :)

Finish by sprinkling about a teaspoon of the Jamaican Dry Rub over the top. Place the pan on the top rack of your oven and broil to desired doneness.

This is where the magic happens...

This is where the magic happens...

Remove steak to a platter and spoon some of the seasoned jerk butter over the top.

And there you have it! Pair with your favorite beverage, a loaded baked potato and something green (if you must). 

Nyam Good!

Next up.., Smoked Jerk Spare Ribs!

Be A Jerk And Rub It In!